I didn’t have a normal childhood. I was born and raised in Indonesia and visited family in Seattle every other year or so. Living in a country with a culture revolving arts and compassion towards their people has made me the person I am today. My grandpa loved to play with shadow puppets and would tell stories of legends and create stories for us to watch. I have always loved taking pictures for as long as I could remember. I was gifted my first “real” camera when I was 17. I was a singer in a band and wanted to capture that time in my life. Unfortunately, the camera was stolen and I didn’t pick up another camera until the birth of my first son. I started to work with brands and then had the honor to capture my friend’s families. I fell in love instantly. The moment I get behind the camera, I am drawn to the little details within the frame and think of what I would like to remember and have frozen in time in a photograph.